Entry via Strachan Lane off Exhibition Call: 03 9663 8333 Email: info@harleyhouse.com.au

Harley House Kitchen | Harley House Tee Shirts
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Harley House Tee Shirts




Want to feel a little bit of Harley House when you cant make it in?

Mooooove closer. Move your body real close.

Until we-ee-ee-ee

Feel like we’re really making love


Buy a tee shirt.

$40 smackers will see you looking as cool as all the really really really cool kids at Harley House

100% cotton so you can shake those Piscos at the Kitchen Discos.

Thank you for your continued support

In the post first mail!




SKU: hh-pisco-t
Additional Information

(S) for da skinnies, (M) neither here nor there, (L) Wow tiger, nice flex