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Carol is now continuing her knowledge sourcing in Barcelona. Stay tuned to see what she brings back to us!

Harley House’s Brazilian Chef Carol Borges is passionate about Latin American cuisine and ceviche without doubt is her big passion.

“12 years ago my taste buds had the pleasure of trying my first ceviche, it was during one of my trips to Costa Rica and it was magic!

After that, I had the pleasure of sampling ceviches all over South America (Chile, Colombia, Argentina, Ecuador, Uruguay, Paraguay …) and it was in Peru that the love for this wonderful dish hit the hardest.
I decided to live in Lima, capital of Peru and study gastronomy at Le Cordon Bleu the famous culinary university.

The love and passion I discovered  within this cuisine, means that I now specialise  in Peruvian gastronomy…..

Leaving Peru,  I returned to Brazil and worked in great gastronomic fairs and as a personal Chef,  always focusing on ceviches.

It was then that I decided in 2015 to venture around the world again and headed to the food capital of the world, Melbourne.  Focusing on Peruvian cuisine, it was there that I met the team at Harley House. I worked + studied here for almost 18 months,  it was a truly wonderful experience and I discovered plenty in that period.

Next adventure, saw me travelling to Canada where I worked in  several Peruvian restaurants, honing my skill set. Then came Europe, passing through Portugal, Belgium,  working in Barcelona in Peruvian restaurant also, –  always taking the Latin flavor to this continent….

It has all been such an incredible journey, and  it was  an easy decision to head back to Melbourne, to the venue I loved working in, learning, sharing, having the freedom to explore ideas.

So here I am again at Harley House after 2 years  away,  I really have a lot of affection for this incredible establishment and would like to share with you my passion for ceviche.

Here is a wonderful recipe that is easy to make at home…

Remember that fresh is best so get the freshest ingredients you can”


Ceviche mixto (Servings 4)


200g Squid

150g Octopus

150g Prawns

200g Fresh White Fish (snapper)

1 Red Onion

Micro Coriander

Fresh Chili

Salt +Pepper

Tigers Milk:

1 litre Fish Stock

200ml Lime Juice

2 small Garlic Clove

12 Small Red Onion

1 tbsp Celery

1 tbsp. Finely Grated Fresh Peeled Ginger

2 tsp. Finely Chopped Coriander Stems

1 small Fresh Habanero Chili

Salt +Pepper



Put all ingredients for Tigers Milk + 3 cubes of ice in blender and mix.

Strain and pour into squeeze bottle.

Marinate fish with Tigers Milk, add Salt + Pepper and serve immediately.

Added sides include fresh lettuce, dried chulpi corn, diced sweet potato, plantain crisps.


Ceviche is a classic South American dish that comes from the west coast of South America.

There is much debate as to where the dish originated from…. 

Peru, Ecuador..Mexico..but perhaps the country that is best known for this dish is Peru.

Ceviche is made from a combination of raw fish that is left to sit and cure in lime or lemon juice then different components are added to create each style. Leche de tigre, or , Tigers Milk is the Peruvian term for the citrus-based marinade that cures the seafood in a ceviche.

Tiger milk is the juice that stays in the plate after eating the fish. Perfect after a “resaca”, the way we call that miserable feeling we have after drinking too much the night before.  It is not a misbehavior if you raise the plate with your hands and put it in your mouth to drink it.  But you can also put it in a glass, alone or with some vodka or Pisco, if you like to complete recovery yourself from that hangover!

Ceviche is my passion , my favourite dish and with the base I can create many kinds of incredible versions!

The most important thing to make a good ceviche is a quality of the fish, is extremely important to be fresh , super fresh!

Ceviche is health , low carb , aphrodisiac and delicious!

Ceviche Is life!!”